The Four P's of Innovation

December 11, 2015


There has been a situation in our community that has arisen. This has made me sit and think about systems that are degrading around us. Unfortunately, some leaders don’t know how to improve a system without first tearing it down. To make changes that are lasting and build up your system, there are many things to consider. Improvement and innovation are not bad things unless they are done with ill intentions.  Changes can be made that bring staff and communities together for a common purpose. Innovation can allow organizations a new beginning.  Innovation can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing….something that brings people together or tears them apart…..something that builds up an organization or brings it to its knees.


Some things to consider:

  • Do we need to improve – always.Do we need to become more innovative and change some of the old methods we use because they don’t work anymore – yes.Do we need to honor and support the people who keep our organization running daily – absolutely!Should we act as adults and do the things that need to happen to take care of business – nonnegotiable.

  • To make a change that is healthy and that will last we must (The Four P’s of Innovation):Care about the people first – change is hard.Care about the purpose – give people the why – explain but don’t shove it at them. Give them the support and training they need along the way.Care about the process – we change processes first because this is easier.Care about the people throughout the change because, again, change is not easy.

  • Change and improvement can happen but you must care about the people. This is not a profession that is made up of assembly lines and widgets.


     I have never thought of myself as “in the box” but always innovative because times change and needs change. I have always been successful, not because of just me, but the wonderful people who surround me. My purpose is to change the way we do business because the way we do some things in business don’t work any more.

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