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Transitions are difficult. It doesn't matter the age, experience, or education. Transitions are difficult! Working with adults who are starting a business is amazing. I love this terrific world of small business. Every day I help people who want that freedom to create their own destiny. As you get ready to transition, begin to dream.


*What can you imagine doing every day?

*What interests do you have?

*What investment level are you comfortable with? 


Don't forget to work with a regional expert to find out what types of business are needed in your area. 


When preparing for a transition, be sure you examine each area of need and each step to take prior to the transition itself. Set SMART goals for both long term and short term. 




I would advise anyone to create both short term (within two months) and long term (both 2 years and 10 years) goals. We will talk about dream boards in another post because a dream board is a terrific way to keep your goals visible. Get yourself a white board and get those goals in front of you every day. Post your goals somewhere visible so you can focus on them. 


Whether you are transitioning to a new position or starting your own business, begin with the end in mind (as Stephen Covey would say). From this point, you can begin to create action steps toward making these goals a reality. 


In this transitions series, we will talk about action step and vision boards, along with accountability. Take your first step and write down your goals. What gets written, gets done!

Sue Ann


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