Our schools are hurting again.....how? why? what can we do?

February 16, 2018


Our schools are hurting again.....how could this happen? What could we have done to stop it? Why? Why did it happen to our kids? Who are those heroes who helped? We may never know the answers to so many of these questions.


If we don’t spend he time to create trusting relationships with kids then they won’t trust us enough to tell us when something is wrong. We get tied up in “don’t tattle” so the kids don’t come to us. I know my daughter has people she trusts to talk about those little wrongs that mean enough to hurt - people like her School Resource Officer and her teachers. Kids need to know the right time to talk (not just a kid tapping a pencil on their desk) because then when they see sometime bigger they will seek out an adult. We are too worried about tests these days. Our focus is not on what counts - the kids.


If you are teaching effectively then the test is simply a bi-product of your good teaching. I used to tell my teachers to love on the kids! They need that more than anything! Pay attention! I once had drugs brought into my Elementary by a student and six kids came to me within the first five minutes of school because they trusted us as adults. We took care of things and got the situation taken care of. That student was calling out, not causing trouble. My staff jumped to it and held him to consequences then loved him back into the classroom. He ended up having a great rest of the year.


I want teachers and administrators to feel empowered to take the time for those relationships. I know I wasn’t a typical administrator but my kids knew they were loved AND held accountable to achieve! AND we had the low discipline and high growth to prove it!! We need to change the way we “do” schools these days. We CAN make the changes needed. 


Give our kids boundaries, love them because they aren’t always lived outside the walls of the schools, teach them resilience, hold them to standards and teach them how to reach above and beyond those for something higher, and most of all show them we care! When you do, they become great adults!


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